About Kerrianne Steinhardt

Introducing Kerrianne Steinhardt, an invaluable member of the Gatton Real Estate team since 2014, specializing in business administration and management. With her extensive experience in sales and property management accreditation, Kerrianne brings a meticulous eye for detail and unparalleled expertise in trust accounting and Office of Fair Trading processes within the real estate realm.

In her role, Kerrianne serves as a cornerstone in business system administration and management, ensuring smooth operations and adherence to regulatory standards. Her comprehensive understanding of business processes and dedication to excellence make her an indispensable asset to Principal and Co-Director, Allison Vinckier.

With Kerrianne's expertise and support, Gatton Real Estate is empowered to deliver top-notch service and results to its clients. Experience the difference of working with a team backed by Kerrianne's unwavering commitment to efficiency and professionalism.