About Linda Shaw

Meet Linda, your dedicated real estate professional specializing in leasing and social media marketing. With a career spanning back to 2009 in Gatton, Linda has established herself as a trusted expert in the industry. She obtained her certification as a Fully Qualified Property Manager and successfully fulfilled this role before taking maternity leave in 2018.

Now, Linda brings her wealth of experience and expertise to her current role as part-time Leasing Officer. She thrives on the variety that her position offers, serving as both a social media manager and leasing consultant. Linda is passionate about leveraging the power of social media to effectively market properties and connect with potential tenants, ensuring maximum visibility and engagement.

With Linda's dedication and innovative approach to leasing and social media marketing, you can trust that your rental properties will receive the attention they deserve. Experience the difference of working with a real estate professional who is committed to delivering exceptional results through tailored leasing strategies and dynamic online presence.